Library Go

An intelligent library management system consists of Self-Book Renting, Smart Renting/ Return Station, inventory, tagging, and access control. @LibraryGo in EMBASE Pro Suit represented in India by Emdot Mincetech Pvt Ltd could offer whole #NFC/RFID solution.

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LED Preset

Ping Pong

1980 Music


- Designing UI/UX and related graphics.
- User App and Administrator App
- Ping Pong Two-player Game
- Programme to run the light in a specific pattern
- Light preset controlled through the admin app
- User can write/customize his own message
(instead of pre-loaded texts) to be displayed on the screen. One user at a time.


The complete device details of Smart Bench 1. LED Display.
2. Video Controller
3. Raspberry Pi
4. Light Controller
5. Router
6. LED